The New Platform is Relentless Reinvention

We live in a time of relentless technological change. The web as we know it, barely 15 years old (if that), is pronounced dead. Platforms vie — Windows, Linux, Android, Apple — as do languages — Flash, HTML5, and so on.

While there are some standards, for the most part, standards are up for grabs.

Blogs, those dense textual renderings, once so revolutionary now seem passe.

Games and movies begin to resemble each other.

The means of marketing have shifted — web banners, web experiences, the social, branded utilities, complex configurations of integrated campaigns.

Business models morph, adapt, disappear, explode — sellers, rellsers, auctioneers, platforms, apps, amalgamators, curators: they come, go, borrow and steal from each other.

But it is a mistake to think this will settle down, that there is a war to be won, that a plateau will be hit. No, these are the conditions of digital technology: relentless change, constant innovation. It is the very nature of the beast. The digital — the computational — is a medium of constant reconfiguring. That's what it does.

Welcome to the new media world, a place of relentless reinvention.

It's hence a mistake to ask: What's the next big thing? The question is: How do I invent another thing?